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Buying a metal detector - Metal Detector Freak
Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

Buying a metal detector

Looking for the metal detectors for sale can be a difficult matter if you are new to the hobby. There are three questions you should answer before you go and look for a metal detecting machine.

1. What are you planning to detect?

Gold, coins, relics, or jewelry?

Deciding what to detect

For example, you can use a gold metal detector to also detect for coins (and vice versa), but you’ll have more success if you use a metal detector that was specifically designed for the target you wish to detect.

If your interest lies in detecting coins and jewelry, make sure you buy a metal detector that comes with ‘discrimination’. This is a must have or else you will waste a lot of time digging up trash before you even see a coin.

If your target is historical artifacts or war relics, you need a machine with excellent depth and large search coils.

If you want to discover gold nuggets, then buy a machine that features ground balancing. This will help you detect gold in highly mineralized soil.

2. Where will you be detecting?

Beaches, forests, parks, fields, underwater?

Each metal detector will be better at certain tasks than others.

Decide where you will be hunting

Metal detectors perform differently in different types of ground.

If you go detecting in difficult conditions like saltwater beaches or heavily mineralized soil, some machines will respond poorly and annoy you with their constant beeping at the wrong targets. If these locations are where you will go detecting, you need to get a machine designed for those conditions.

If you go detecting underwater, you need a waterproof metal detector. Most metal detectors feature waterproof search coils (the round disc that points to the ground) but their control panels and electronics are not waterproof. To go scuba diving with a metal detector, you need one that’s specifically designed to be waterproof for several hundred feet.

How much is your budget?

Now that you have established your primary goals and where you will metal detecting you should review the metal detectors available that suit for your requirements.

Then review those against your budget. This should be your final step because unless you have worked out your goals, it is impossible to choose the right metal detector for you.

Some metal detectors boast the most advanced technology and sell for more than $20,000. Some detectors sell for under $50. Some metal detectorists know what they want and decide to spend $500 or so.

While you’re a new detector hobbyist and learning about metal detecting, there’s no point spending $1000s of dollars. You can get a good, basic machine that you can learn on for under $250. You might want to buy other accessories like a shovel and finds pouch as well. You need to take all of these expenses into account.

Buying a simpler metal detector and learning to use its features well until you are sure you want to pursue this hobby is a good path to pursue. If you are not going to spend much time detecting, there is no point having expensive equipment collecting dust on the shelves of your cupboard. How much time and money you will devote to your new metal detecting hobby should be counted in terms of deciding how much budget to allocate.

If you are already an experienced detectorist then you will know that while it is possible to earn the cost of your equipment many times over by targeting the right locations, many days end in disappointment, with very few or zero finds.

One good tip is to join metal detecting clubs and forums to talk to other detectorists to get valuable tips before buying your first metal detector.

You can buy metal detectors online or in stores.

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